About Us

In order to give voice to the villages, uplift the dignity of work, respect, and an equitable share of Indian villagers’ sustainable livelihood, Village TV Trust set out on a mission to create 1.4 million jobs in rural India in the digital media industry in 2019. This mission includes journalism, video editing, digital marketing, digital connectivity and much more.

  1. To establish, maintain, support, assist and guide learning centres of media and related areas including journalism, video editing studios at villages of length and breadth of India.
  2. To provide support, assist, guide, train and facilitate the highest learning and also provide scholarships, free ships, awards and recognition to any student or person/body in the field of media and village development.
  3. To support, assist and collaborate with any person or body both Government and no- Governmental for the cause of media education in the villages to give equal opportunity to the villagers to beam their village heritage, culture, tradition, ethnic, festivities, food and culinary skills, talents to the world.
  4. To give voice to the villages and promoting home industries, cottage industries, tourism, health, education, agriculture, farming by participation from the NRIs of the villages, corporates, NGOs, Private entrepreneurs.
  5. To support the Government programs and schemes to percolate to the local bodies and villagers, educate them to media, internet technology, e-commerce, digital banking, hygiene health, education and give them self-sustainability, the dignity of labour and comfortable life, fulfilling the โ€œGRAMA SWARAJโ€ dream of Mahatma Gandhi.